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Carmen María Cervantes, General Editor
This series is designed to train older adolescents, young adults, and their adult advisers to conduct an evangelizing and missionary ministry in small communities. The process of community building includes general preparation, initial journeys, community meetings, retreats, and pastoral practice. Through this process, participants are invited to walk with Jesus on a communal journey and, together with other young people, to build God’s Reign on earth.

Manual 1, Dawn on the Horizon, is divided into two parts. Part 1, “A Process for Creating Small Communities,” is designed to help participants build their small community and experience the dynamics of pastoral ministry in small communities. Part 2 is a novella about a parish group of Hispanic jóvenes. The novella is a key instrument for participants’ reflections, and its purpose is to encourage the jóvenes to reflect critically on their personal, community, and social life through the characters in the novella. For jóvenes ages 16 to 24.
Available in English and Spanish: 192 pages, $11.95

Manual 2, Leaven in the World, is composed of an initial journey, two cycles of community meetings, a formation workshop, a retreat, and eight support documents. An important element is the community journal, in the style of the Acts of the Apostles, that the jóvenes use to document their experiences as the young church of today.

Leaven in the World is geared to jóvenes eighteen years or older who have a faith commitment and a minimum of two years’ experience as members of a small community. The manual helps them make their community life more meaningful, take responsibility for their community’s maturation, and prepare themselves to create new small communities. The jóvenes are given the necessary elements for analyzing their community life through formation-in-action, personal and community prayer, and scripture study, especially the Acts of the Apostles. They thus discover how to integrate what they learn into their daily life as a community called to be leaven in the world.

Available in English and Spanish: 224 pages, $13.95

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