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Hispanic Youth and Young Adult Ministry in the United States: Bridging Hispanic and Mainstream Ministry to Forge the Church Anew in 21st Century America
by Ken Johnson-Mondragón
This booklet begins with a summary of the most significant demographic, social and religious data that form the context for contemporary Hispanic youth and young adult ministry (Pastoral Juvenil Hispana or PJH). It then offers an analysis of the current practices and challenges in PJH. The article concludes with a presentation of the most significant achievements in the field over the last eight years, as well as a description of the areas that require further development.
$5.00 each for 1 to 9; $4.00 each for 10 to 29; $3.00 each for 30 or more – 20 pages. Bilingual, 2010.
Latino Catholic Youth and Young Adults in the United States: Their Faith and Their Culture,
edited by Carmen M. Cervantes, Ed.D.
This collection of essays was originally presented at the Fifth International Encuentro of the Latin American Network of Institutes for Pastoral Juvenil. Each essay describes the reality of Latino Youth and Young Adults in the United States from a particular perspective based on the pastoral experience of the writer.
$8.00 – 67 pages. Available in English and Spanish, paperback, 1999.
Elementos Fundamentales de Pastoral Juvenil
A Partir de la Realidad del Joven Hispano
que Vive en los Estados Unidos,
edited by Antonio Medina-Rivera, Ph.D.
This volume is designed to be used as a workbook for leaders and advisers in pastoral juvenil. Readers will deepen their understanding of the reality of the young people they are called to serve, and they will learn the foundational skills and concepts required to develop their ministry. Includes an extensive bibliography of additional resources.
$12.00 – 131 pages. Only in Spanish, paperback, 2003.
The Status of Hispanic Youth and Young Adult Ministry in the United States: A Preliminary Study,
by Ken Johnson-Mondragón.
This study will be valued by anyone who has been frustrated in their pastoral efforts to reach Hispanic youth and young adults. It will help them to understand the structural, ministerial, cultural, and socioeconomic factors that inhibit the participation of Hispanic youth in parish youth ministry programs, as well as the factors that have limited the growth and development of pastoral juvenil in the United States. Such understanding will help in the development of strategies for a greater and more appropriate pastoral outreach.
$20.00 – 119 pages. Only in English, paperback, 2002.
Welcoming Hispanic Youth / Jóvenes in Catholic Parishes and Dioceses,
by Ken Johnson-Mondragón.
This booklet helps youth ministers and Hispanic pastoral ministers to understand the urgency and the challenges of reaching out to the full breadth and depth of today’s young Hispanic Catholics. It offers insights into the shape and location of this growing population in the United States, discusses the pastoral needs of four distinct segments of the population, and outlines pastoral priorities for enhancing the church’s outreach among young Hispanics in culturally appropriate ways.
$2.50 each for 1 to 9; $2.00 each for 10 to 29; $1.50 each for 30 or more – 8 pages. Only in English, 2003.
Youth Ministry and the Socioreligious Lives of Hispanic and White Catholic Teens in the U.S.,
by Ken Johnson-Mondragón.
This booklet presents a demographic and religious portrait of Hispanic and White Catholic adolescents based on results from the National Study of Youth and Religion (NSYR) survey. The report includes an evaluation of the current state of Catholic youth ministry practice in the U.S. based on the goals of Renewing the Vision and the National Pastoral Plan for Hispanic Ministry, and suggested priorities for increasing the outreach and effectiveness of parish youth ministry programs.
$5.00 each for 1 to 9; $4.00 each for 10 to 29; $3.00 each for 30 or more – 24 pages. Only in English, 2005.
Pastoral Juvenil Hispana, Youth Ministry, and Young Adult Ministry: An Updated Perspective on Three Different Pastoral Realities
by Carmen M. Cervantes and Ken Johnson-Mondragón.
This booklet discusses the differences between the three ministries mentioned in its title, as well as the populations they serve. It includes an analysis of the sociocultural context of each ministry, it contrasts the educational systems in the U.S. and Latin America, and it provides a glossary of terms with suggested translations for people developing bilingual materials addressing one or more of the ministries described.
$3.50 each for 1 to 9; $2.50 each for 10 to 29; $2.00 each for 30 or more – 12 pages. Bilingual, 2007.
Hispanic Youth and Young Adult Ministry: Recent Findings
This booklet presents select demographic data, pastoral challenges, recent findings regarding the personal, familial, and communal religious practices of young Hispanic Catholics, and the pastoral needs of various groups of Hispanic youth and young adults. It may serve as an excellent resource in workshops and continuing education classes for priests, youth ministers, and parish leaders of pastoral juvenil.

$4.00 each for 1 to 9; $3.00 each for 10 to 29; $2.50 each for 30 or more – 16 pages. Bilingual, 2007.
The Dynamics of Culture, Faith, and Family in the Lives of Hispanic Teens, and their Implications for Youth Ministry
by Ken Johnson-Mondragón and Carmen M. Cervantes
This booklet presents the latest findings from the fields of psychology, family systems theory, and counseling with respect to immigrant adolescents and the teenage children of immigrants. It goes on to describe the concept of inculturation as an important dimension of evangelization and offers suggestions for the inculturation of the Gospel among Hispanic teens in youth ministry programs that are responsive to their sociocultural reality.
$5.00 each for 1 to 9; $4.00 each for 10 to 29; $3.00 each for 30 or more – 20 pages. Bilingual, 2008.
Estimated Hispanics as a Percentage of All Catholics Under Age 30 by Diocese.
This is a full-color map showing the estimated proportion of Hispanics among Catholics under age 30 for every diocese in the United States in 2000. The data is based on recent large-scale surveys of religious identity in the United States, analyzed by the researchers at Instituto Fe y Vida’s Research and Resource Center. A bilingual description of the map is included.
$1.00 each for 1 to 19; $0.75 each for 20 to 49; $0.50 each for 50 or more.


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