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“The research conducted by Instituto Fe y Vida on Hispanic young people in our Catholic Church has been very useful both at the United States Catholic Conference, and for the diocesan and parish personnel. I pray that its plans to do an in-depth study become a reality in the near future.”

—Ron Cruz,
Executive Director, USCCB Secretariat for Hispanic Affairs

Why does Instituto Fe y Vida have a Research and Resource Center?

Instituto Fe y Vida’s Research and Resource Center was established in 2001 to serve the Catholic Church at both diocesan and national levels by providing reliable information about the pastoral needs of Catholic jóvenes (Hispanic youth and young adults) and the Church’s pastoral response to those needs. This information is required by pastoral workers at all levels in order to create effective pastoral plans for the continuous improvement of their programs and activities.

Since 2001, the Research and Resource Center has been involved in the PARAL Study of Latino Parishes and Congregations, the Amanecer Project , and the National Study of Youth and Religion (NSYR).

In addition, the Center has dedicated time and resources to analyzing demographic data on U.S. Hispanics in order to make appropriate applications for ministry with them in the Catholic Church. Some of the results of the Center’s research are already available in the Perspectives on Hispanic Youth and Young Adult Ministry series and other research publications.

The Center’s staff is also prepared to offer conferences and workshops on a variety of topics for clergy in-service days, catechetical congresses, and diocesan convocations. We frequently provide data and consulting services to assist in diocesan pastoral planning and in the preparation of grant proposals, and we are prepared to serve as a clearing house of information relating to the spiritual development and pastoral needs of Catholic jóvenes.

New research projects are continuously being developed in response to the needs for ministry with Catholic jóvenes, and as the resources of the Center allow. If you would like to receive occasional updates of the Center’s publications and activities, simply fill in the form to the left and click “submit.” We would be happy to keep you informed about the latest developments in our work.

If you would like to share a particular need you have in your ministry, or to learn more about the young Latinos in your diocese or region, give us a call.

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