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“This experience will open your eyes, ears, mind, heart, and help you discover an authentic desire to work toward the needs and empowerment of our Hispanic brothers and sisters.”

—Michael Benton, Coordinator of Youth Ministry, Our Lady of the Valley, Caldwell, ID

In addition to its research, publications, and consultation services, Fe y Vida’s Research and Resource Center offers a variety of conferences and workshops focused on key pastoral issues in Hispanic ministry. These topics may be offered as a one-hour presentation at a ministry conference, as a half-day or full-day inservice workshop, or as a facilitated process involving consultation and one or more on-site visits.
Participating priests and lay ministers (youth, young adult, campus, family, etc.) will acquire a pastoral framework for adequately serving their young Hispanics. These presentations are given at the diocesan, regional, or national levels, and they may include a process to assist the participants in analyzing their pastoral reality, developing strategies for action, and identifying priorities for a pastoral plan.
Utilizing Fe y Vida’s latest socioreligious research and extensive pastoral experience, our presentations are enlightening and engaging, and they provide valuable strategies for improving your ministry to, with, by, and for young Hispanics.
The Center currently offers presentations, workshops, and processes on the following topics:

1. Who are Latino Catholic Youth and Young Adults?
  • Language, culture, immigration status, and generation
  • Education, family income, and social capital
  • Geographic distribution
  • Challenges for Church and society
  • Key aspects in the acculturation process
  • Pastoral categories with distinct pastoral needs
  • 2. A Comparison of Latino and White Catholic Adolescents
  • Socioeconomic differences
  • Religious beliefs and practices
  • Parish youth group involvement
  • Implications for organizing and coordinating youth ministry
  • 3. Comprehensive Ministry: Complementary Approaches
  • Renewing the Vision
  • Sons and Daughters of the Light
  • The National Pastoral Plan for Hispanic Ministry
  • Civilización del Amor: Tarea y Esperanza
  • Prophets of Hope – A new and old synthesis
  • 4. The Prophets of Hope Model for Ministry with Adolescents and Jóvenes
  • Christocentric spirituality
  • Pastoral circle
  • Formation-in-action
  • Community of communities
  • Dimensions of reality
  • Characteristics of a comprehensive ministry
  • Communion in mission
  • Shared leadership and responsibility
  • Resources for ministry using the Prophets of Hope Model
  • 5. Pastoral Bíblica Juvenil
  • Biblical literacy and biblical ministry
  • The Bible in the life of young Latinos
  • Pastoral agents and their roles in pastoral bíblica juvenil
  • Young leaders as key agents in pastoral bíblica juvenil
  • Strategies to help young Latinos know the Bible, pray with it, and live it from their hearts
  • Resources: La Biblia Católica para Jóvenes, Fe y Vida’s Curso Bíblico, etc.
  • 6. The Preferential Option for the Poor in Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • “What would Jesus do?” – the preferential option in Scripture
  • The poor among us and the ethics of youth and young adult ministry
  • Advocacy and participation – essential elements of a comprehensive ministry
  • Ministry for a marginalized church – priorities, considerations, and approaches
  • 7. “Community of Communities”: A Framework for Ministry in Multicultural Parishes
  • The early Christian Church – a community of communities in diverse pastoral settings
  • The ecclesial challenge of diversity at the universal, national, diocesan, and parish levels
  • The Catholic parish in the U.S. and Latin America
  • Intercultural communication and the models of multicultural parish ministry
  • Community of communities – a response to pastoral nearsightedness
  • Community of communities – a pathway to developing the mission of the laity
  • Community of communities – building unity in diversity
  • Centrality of the Eucharist in a community of communities
  • Pastoral de conjunto – an essential element in the life of a community of communities
  • 8. Enculturation, Acculturation, and Inculturation
  • The acquisition of culture in monocultural and multicultural environments
  • The process of identity formation in culturally contested environments
  • Discrimination, self-marginalization, oppression, victimization, assimilation, and
        subversion: the dynamics of minority-majority relationships
  • Living in another culture: culture shock and the stages of intercultural competence
  • The transformation of culture through the incarnation of the Gospel
  • The interplay of culture and ministry with Hispanic youth and young adults
  • 9. Pastoral Juvenil: A Valuable Contribution from Latin America to the Church in the United States
  • What is “pastoral juvenil”; why is it so valuable, and why do we need to
        actively promote its approach?
  • The challenges of coordinating youth ministry and pastoral juvenil in the U.S.
  • Vocation, mission, and the life project among young people
  • Characteristics and transitional processes connecting preadolescent, adolescent,
        and young adult ministry

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